The Earthquake

Friday morning around 8:30 am, Alaskans experienced a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. For many, it was a terrifying experience; houses trashed, foundations cracked, roads destroyed, glass everywhere. 
Miraculously, no casualties have been reported, and only minor injuries were sustained during the 30 second duration of violent trembling. Many aftershocks followed, the first few measuring between 5 & 4 on the Richter scale, and hundreds of aftershocks measuring at 3 or less that are still carrying on. 

Vine road - wasilla alaska - 2018 earthquake 7.0 magnitude

Photos submitted by Bailey Fray Dejong 2018

We are so blessed to have no damage to our shop, and that our friends and families are safe! Thank you to everyone who reached out and offered us your thoughts, prayers and concerns - it was of great comfort to us all ♥

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