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Klean Freak Antibacterial Body Wipe

As womxn on the river all day, we know feeling fresh is important! Klean Freak Antibacterial Body Wipes allow you to stay clean and smelling fresh, without a shower. Throw a convenient, individual refreshing wipe in any bag for easy access wherever you go. Quickly wipe all the grime and sweat off, and get back to enjoying your day. 

Each wipe is infused with sweet chestnut leaf extract; an ingredient that helps your skin stay healthy and battle staph infections. Aloe and Witch Hazel add a cooling comfort and a blend of Chamomile/Calendula gives you that soothing effect as're welcome.  
Size of wipe
  • 11”x11” (when unrolled)
  • 6.5”x1.75” (in individual packaging)
  • 7"x 9" (12 pack pouch)
Scents available for purchase
  • Coconut
  • Tea Tree
  • Citrus
  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Scent-Free