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Lindy's Line - Happy Father's Day

Father’s Day is a special time for reflection on memories of times we have spent with our dads. My dad, Lindy, is the inspiration for FisheWear. In fact, before launching FisheWear, I almost named the company “Lindy Line,” after him (the name was already taken).

Growing up in Northern Maine, we were surrounded by beautiful trout streams and lakes that held land-locked salmon. My dad was my first fly fishing instructor. My passion for the outdoors and fly fishing all began with my dad.

I have beautiful memories of crossing Madawaka Lake just before sunset with my dad and Uncle Bertel to fly fish Cary Brook for trout. The trout enjoyed lingering by the mouth of the stream. We would share the evening with loons and moose, fishing along the edge of lily pads.

While my dad taught me the art and fun of fly fishing, not all the lessons learned with my dad were about fishing, he shared life lessons that are at the core of FisheWear. He pushed me to dream big, to have the confidence to be whoever I want to be, and to tackle any challenge I put my mind to.

I learned the art of networking and meeting new people from my dad. He’s never met a stranger, just new friends. He has a genuine curiosity to learn who people are and what their passions are. Watching him build relationships throughout Northern Maine is a life lesson I hold dear. I have applied this lesson to FisheWear. We are building a global community of daring, fun-loving, adventurous and confident women who share a passion (new or lifelong) for the outdoors and fishing.

As you can see in the picture, my dad is a lover of life, and most of all fishing. Such a great lesson for all of us: to have a passion for what we love, embrace it and share it. Happy Father’s Day, and thanks to all the dads, brothers, husbands and boyfriends out there that share their love of fishing and the outdoors with the gals in their lives!

-Linda Leary, Founder & President of FisheWear

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