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Corporate Sales

Fishe Wear is here to help with any and all of your corporate gift needs! Please read on for an overview, and then reach out to for more information. 



With a whole array of products to choose from, the opportunities for co-branding are endless! Although you are more than welcome to collaborate with us on the label design process, we have previously seen success with placing labels in the following ways:

  • Backpack Dry Bags & Wedge Totes: On the black panel on the front next to the Fishe label.
  • Stuffsacks: We recommend a simple black or white heat set logo placed right over the vibrant Fishe Wear print.
  • Other bags: Send over your logo and we can create co-branded luggage tags to be attached to bags of all kinds.
  • Hats: Woven labels can be placed above the ear or on the back of the cap above the clasp.  




Who we are sets us apart. The products that we craft here at Fishe are as unique, dependable, and extraordinary as the Alaskans who designed and tested them. Are you an Alaskan business leader looking to buy locally made corporate gifts? Riding the high of a corporate fishing trip in Alaska? Hoping to give art-based products that celebrate the incredible fish species of Alaska? Whatever your connection is to the 49th state, there’s no better way to give the gift of Alaska, than by giving Fishe Wear!



Due to the diversity of products that we offer, order minimums and timelines vary. Order minimums range from 25 to 100 per individual product. Timelines depend on availability and can range from 20 weeks out at most, to immediately at least. For corporate orders past a certain order minimum, we offer a discount. 



Not only do we offer a wide array of our famous fish patterns, we place said patterns on a wide range of fun and functional gear and apparel. No matter if your budget is big or small, we can mix and match products to find your perfect corporate gift assembly! While our company was originally founded with the mission to create functional fishing fashion for women, our art-based products are extremely versatile and can be gifted to anyone regardless of gender or affinity for fishing.




Along with providing corporate gifts, we can help you host corporate holiday parties as well! At our beautiful storefront in Midtown Anchorage, we have ample space for you and your team to celebrate, no matter the occasion.



Looking for corporate gift inspiration? Linda Leary, founder of Fishe Wear has put together this list of 10 items and bundles to help you out. Word on the street is that Linda is a ~corporate gift expert~ so read on for some grade A gift ideas...!



1. Backpack Drybag - This product boasts the title of best selling Fishe product overall as well as most common co-branded item. Thanks to these superlatives, Fishe Wear’s Backpack Drybag is the number one gift for corporate clients. The Backpack Drybag comes in Kaleido King, HaliBorealis, Groovy Grayling, Brookie, and REDtro Salmon. 



2. Trucker Hats - No matter your style preferences, we will be able to find the perfect hat for you! With 14 styles to choose from, the possibilities are endless. For the avid anglers amongst your staff, we have plenty of fish art to choose from. For those who may not be as “hooked” on fishing, we have an array of abstract designs that anyone can rock! Hats can easily be co-branded with woven labels sewn into the mesh material of the cap.



3. Adventure Series - This versatile set of four bags can be purchased together as a package or separately as individuals. The Adventure Series is comprised of the Mini Wallet, Dual Dopp Kit, Travel Trio Pack, and the Daily Tote. The Dual Dopp Kit and the Travel Trio pack are especially multifunctional. The Dopp Kit, originally crafted to store 4 fly fishing reels, can also double as a toiletry kit. The Travel Trio Pack, are three multisized, water resistant storage pouches that can be used for storage of small items; regardless of their relation to fishing.



 4. “Go Fish!” Basket - Getting ready to take your employees out on a fishing trip? This basket sets them up for success on the water with all of the necessary fishing accessories. It includes a Reel Case, Fly Box, Zinger, Forceps, and Nippers. Mix and match the prints of each of these products or choose all 5 items from one of our print collections.



5. Wedge Tote- Adding to the list of our famous drybags, you cannot go wrong with the Fishe Wear Wedge Tote. Boasting 25L of storage, this bag is perfect for a day on the water, traveling, or simply running errands around town. The black pocket on the front of this bag is an excellent canvas for co-branding. 


6. Neodry Stuff Sack - The Fishe Stuff Sack is another style of drybag. What sets these apart from the rest of our drybag line? Their lower price point, as well as packability and smaller size. This item is great by itself, or as an addon in a gift bundle.  



7. Wading Belt - From a safety perspective, we cannot emphasize the importance of a wading belt enough!  Fishe Wading belts will keep your employees safe and stylish when out on the water. Wading belts are perhaps even more important in Alaska than elsewhere due to the swift and cold nature of our waterways. This could be a lifesaving  gift before a company fishing trip! 



8. Fish Good Essential Care Pack - This line of personal care products includes sunscreen, hand and body balm, and chapstick. It is low-bulk yet high-quality, comprised of skin care products made with organic and natural ingredients. This can be a great add on to a pre-trip gift basket. Suggested add ons include the Fishe Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and the Klean Freak Antibacterial Body Wipe



9. Roll Tote Dry Bag - A major highlight of this over-the-shoulder drybag is that it is offered in the vast majority of Fishe prints. 9 to be exact! It is also at a more accessible price point compared to the Backpack Drybag and Wedge Tote. 


10. Neck Tube - This multi-use piece is a must have for every outdoor enthusiast’s wardrobe. It can be used to protect against both heat and cold. From the arctic to the tropics, from the ocean to the mountains, the Neck Tube is a perfect gift, no matter where in the world your gift recipient is located.