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Fishe Wear Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Here in Alaska, we have a lot to look forward to during the month of June; the first Sockeye Salmon run of the summer, sunsets past 11 PM, the start of wildflower season, and of course most importantly, Father’s Day! What better way to show some love for your ~fatherly fisherman~ than by treating him to some Fishe Gear. We all know that he has bought you your fair share of Fishe Wear over the years… now it’s time to return the favor! ;) While our company may go by the name “FiShe”, we have been hard at work expanding our product line of “FisHe” products. Keep reading for a list of Fishe products that your fisherman is sure to love, both on and off the water! 


Pocket T-Shirt - Unisex

After years of hemming and hawing that there were no unisex products, the original FisHe, Mike Leary, husband of Fishe Fouder, Linda Leary, finally got his w(f)ish! This spring we released the Unisex Pocket T-Shirts in our Dolly Vee, Groovy Grayling, and Brookie prints. The best aspect of this product is that it’s unisex, so who says you can’t ~borrow~ this tee every once in a while too…


Mt. Cutty Dual Dopp Kit

Dad doesn’t need to be a fisherman to enjoy the Mt. Cutty Dual Dopp Kit! We purposely designed this product to be used either as a reel holder, or as a toiletries bag. Adorned with our beautiful Mt. Cutty print, the art on the Dopp Kit celebrates mountains, evergreen trees, and cutthroat trout - the perfect print for any outdoorsy dad!


Groovy Grayling Daily Belt 



Are you trying to convince Dad to add a little more ~pizazz~ to his look? Our Groovy Grayling Daily Belt is an opportune way to get Dad hooked (pun intended) on Fishe. We purposely chose Groovy Grayling, one of our more muted prints, to make this product a bit more accessible to folks who aren’t as enthusiastic about flashy and bright colors as we are…


Red White Blue Fish Trucker Hat

Kill two birds with one stone (hook two fish with one fly?) with our RWB Fish Trucker Hat. Not only is this cap a great gift for Dad for Father’s Day, it will complete his look on Fourth of July just a few weeks later! 


Dolly Vee Gear Patch

Now if your dad is anything like any of the outdoorsmen that I know, he may have an affinity for keeping outdoor gear around for as long as possible… Hunting apparel more silver than camo due to the massive amounts of duct tape? Rain jacket so well loved that its “H2No” waterproofing is more like “H2Yes”? Waders with rips in them thanks to a bit too much exuberant bushwhacking? Give the gift of Fishe x NoSo! The Dolly Vee Gear Patch can help extend the life of Dad’s beloved gear by providing a do-it-yourself way to repair rips and tears.


Spice Bundle


Planning on taking Dad on a fishing date for Father’s Day? Cook up your catch at the end of the day with the Fishe Wear Spice Bundle! Don’t worry, these spices are also delicious on a wide array of meats and veggies, should you not like fish or if you’re an unlucky fisherman ;)

Orvis + Fishe Sling

This sling pack is a fan favorite for a reason… With Orvis’ high level of quality and technicality, and Fishe’s show stopping Dolly Vee print, this bag is the best sling pack on the market. I have personally had multiple fathers and husbands of our shoppers tell me that they wish that they’d known about the Orvis + Fishe Sling before purchasing their olive green or tan packs that are so prevalent in the fly fishing industry.