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How to Wear Fishe in Winter

     It’s the middle of winter, but here at Fishe we are not staying indoors, and we’re using our Fishe leggings to keep us warm!  We’ve often received questions from customers asking about wearing Fishe leggings in the winter, and we wanted to share what we’ve learned from years of playing in the snow here in Alaska.

Are Fishe’s signature leggings good to wear for outdoor activities in the winter?

     Yes! We know that the key to staying warm in the outdoors during winter is layering, and Fishe’s signature leggings are a fantastic base layer.  They are made of a polyester/spandex blend, which means that they will not hold moisture and make you cold the way that cotton might.  Instead, they wick moisture away from your body and dry quickly, so that even if you’re active and sweating you’re less likely to get chilly.  Depending on the temperature, we might wear them underneath a pair of fleece or wool pants under our waders.  We’ve worn them under a set of insulated snow pants while snowshoeing in the backcountry or under a set of track pants while going for a winter jog.  And the best thing is that when you come inside after an active day and shed your heavy outerwear, you’re still wearing a pair of leggings that look great.  No hanging around in long underwear!

Are Fishe’s signature leggings warm enough to wear on their own when it’s cold?

     Many of us have no problem wearing our Fishe leggings as we go about our daily business in the winter here in Anchorage.  They’re perfect to wear with a pair of snow boots or with the XtraTuf Legacy boot.  That said, if the temperatures are approaching zero, if you know you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside, for even if you’re someone who just tends to get cold really easily, a good option is to double-up on leggings.  We’ve found that wearing two pairs at a time often gives us enough insulation to stay toasty in plummeting temperatures, without the bulkiness of having to wear pants, and we can still show off the fun patterns of the leggings.  Still feel like you need a little extra warmth?  Try wearing the leggings under a skirt, like the Allagash Soft-Shell Skirt or under a warm dress, like the Hoodie Dress.  Or take the plunge and go ‘80s with a pair of leg-warmers.  We’ve tried it all here at Fishe, and we love how versatile these leggings can be, no matter what the winter weather has in store!  

Here is what our Ambassadors have to say about using their Fishe leggings in the winter:

My Fishe leggings are my #1 go-to leggings in the winter; whether for fishing and other outdoor activities, locking down at home or grocery shopping. They are great under waders but also wonderful for fat biking or wearing under ski pants. My favorite non-outdoor adventure related outfit is a cute hooded dress with just about any Fishe leggings. Paired with a mid-height or tall boot, this is my favorite winter outfit.
-Ryan Scavo, Fishe Ambassador

Fishe leggings are for all seasons!  I love wearing all of my leggings for a casual day of errands and making a statement in the grocery store to wearing two pair if needed for a sub-zero winter run.  Running in Fishe tights is better than expected, the snug waistband doesn’t ever budge during your run.  The fabulous Fishe prints get a lot of attention no matter how you wear them! Functional and FUN!

-Angie Fraize, Fishe Ambassador

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