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Instagram Walls of Anchorage

It’s no secret that Alaska is one of the most Instagramable states... Anchorage, the region’s largest city, is no different! Treat this article as your treasure map to some of the most photogenic spots in the city. These murals all in their own unique way, show off the majesty and natural beauty that our state has to offer. So bring along your camera, favorite filter, and biggest smile for our tour of Anchorage’s Best Instagram Walls! 

Location:111 W 6th Ave, Anchorage, AK

Notes:The fun and funky SEED Lab building is an Instagramers dream. Both the interior and exterior of the building serve as a revolving canvas for mural artists. Guest artists at the lab will periodically cover up existing murals, and paint brand new ones. In the photo below, note the shadow of the “It Is Possible” mural, covered up by the current stained glass-esque piece. 

Artists: Thomas Chung and UAA student artists 

Location:406 E 5th Ave, Anchorage, AK 

Notes:Portraying some of Alaska's most charismatic marine creatures, this mural makes for a picture perfect Instagram background. Ringing in at a whopping 5 stories high and 120 meters long, it affirms the famous saying “everything is bigger in Alaska!” Its calm and cool color palate will bring a chill vibe into your Instagram feed. 

Copyright: © 2014 Richard F. Ebert All Rights Reserved

Location: 715 W 4th Ave, Anchorage, AK 

Notes: Can’t decide between Alaska’s marvelous mountains and wondrous waters? Have no fear! This mural Portraying the Sleeping Lady Mountain and the Knik Arm showcases both. The artist, Justin Parsons modeled this mural after the breathtaking panoramic views looking north from Anchorage. After snapping a gorgeous ‘gram in front of this mural, be sure to stroll around the corner and take a look at the real thing! 

Artist: Justin Parsons

Location: 610 E 5th Ave, Anchorage, AK

Notes: A close second behind Fishe Wears Instagram wall, this mural is a sight to behold! Modeled after the same  Greetings from Alaska Postcard  design, diverse scenes of Alaska’s breathtaking wild places peek out from inside of the lettering. For the city slickers among us, this mural is an excellent excuse to show off the extenside natural beauty of Alaska without ever having to step foot out of Anchorage city limits. 

Artists: Victor Ving and Lisa Beggs

 Notes:Cute clothes AND a cute Instagram wall all in one shop?! Sign me up! Come check out Fishe Wear’s brand new Instagram Wall in our showroom on Arctic Boulevard. Inspired by the iconic Greeting from Alaska Postcards,Fishe Wear put its own fresh twist on the traditional design by featuring our celebrated fish patterns. A perfect background for intrepid Instagramers, the vibrant colors of our Troutrageous Rainbow, Kaleido King, Groovy Grayling and Dolly Vee prints will certainly make your photos POP!