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Introducing Brookie!

We know you’ve been waiting for it, and it’s finally here: Brookie -- the latest trout design from Fishe!  Remember what it felt like to hold a brook trout in hand for the first time, seeing the depth of their colors, their red-orange fins tipped with white?  Holding even the smallest brook trout is like holding a jewel.  Whether in Appalachian mountain streams, Maine lakes, or Labrador’s wild rivers, brook trout have captured the imaginations of anglers in North America for centuries.  They live in only the cleanest, most oxygenated water.  They lead us to remote, untouched landscapes that take our breath away.  We wanted the Brookie design to pay homage to the beauty of brook trout in all stages of their lifecycle, capturing their color variations and the red dots with blue halos that make brookies unmistakable.  If you’re brook trout lovers like we are, we know you’ll agree that this design hits it out of the park.  And if you’re wondering, yes, our Brookie does have eyelashes!  We just couldn’t resist!  

Please join us in welcoming Brookie to the Fishe Family, now currently available in leggings, wading belts, neck tubes, totes, headbands, nippers, and stickers HERE