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Introducing Permit Paradise!

When the winter blues have us down, we dream of paradise.  We dream of clear, salt water as far as the eye can see, of tides and flats skiffs, sand and sunburns and crab patterns.  We dream of a perfect cast that lands just right to tempt a finicky fish and a thin dorsal fin that follows our fly.  We dream of catching a fish so elusive, it is the ultimate challenge and the ultimate reward.  We dream of permit.

Introducing the newest Fishe collection, Permit Paradise, inspired by fish that haunt our waking and sleeping moments and drive us back to the ocean, year after year.  Based on art by Irene Meniconi, Permit Paradise captures the ephemeral beauty of this fabled species and the aquatic environment these fish call home.  As we bundle up and settle down for a deep, Alaskan winter, the soft blues and purples and the water and wave patterns in this design take us back to paradise every single time.  

Join us in welcoming Permit Paradise to the Fishe family! 

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