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Wearing Fishe on the Flats

When the flats fishing is on fire but temperatures are rising, can you count on your Fishe leggings to carry you through?  The answer is yes!  Fishe Founder Linda Leary tested out a pair of Troutrageous Rainbow leggings during a saltwater fishing trip to the Turks and Caicos Islands a couple years ago, and they were the perfect attire for long days in the heat, sun, and saltwater.  Linda answers some commonly-asked questions about wearing Fishe leggings for warm weather and saltwater fishing below:

Will my Fishe leggings protect me from the sun and ultraviolet rays?

Yes!  Fishing in the islands, my Fishe leggings were great sun protection.  Our leggings have a UPF 50+ rating, which is the maximum UPF rating for fabrics.  Fishe leggings block 98% of both UVA and UVB rays, so you can cast all day and avoid sunburn.

Will it be too hot to wear my leggings?

No! My leggings were really comfortable in the hot weather.  Fishe leggings are breathable, which helps keep you cooler, and they wick away the sweat from your body on hot days.  

Will my colorful Fishe leggings scare the fish?

No!  I spent days sneaking up on pods of spooky bonefish that were feeding on the flats, and my leggings never gave me away.  It was incredible fishing! 

Can I swim in my leggings?

Absolutely!  And Fishe leggings are fast-drying, so if you’re wading on the flats, getting in the water to land a fish, or just going in for a swim you’ll be dry again in no time.

How should I care for my Fishe leggings if I’m wearing them in salt water?

After wearing your leggings in salt water, rinse them immediately and thoroughly with cold, fresh water, so the salt does not accumulate on the fabric.  Then wash them with mild soap and cold water and hang to dry.  They’ll be ready to go for the next day!