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We recently spent a weekend fishing on the Kenai River in Alaska. Making the most of the day, Mike turned on the smoker and tried his hand at making smoked salt. While the group fished, Mike kept an eye on the smoker. The final product was… well, amazing. Try it out and tell us how it goes!

Smoked Salt


2 cups Himalayan Pink Salt, course and unground.

Materials Needed:


Alderwood Chips


In a smoker place 2 cups salt on a clean screen. Smoke salt for at least 12 hours, checking it periodically and moving salt around. 

Remove after 12 hours. Salt will turn a golden brown color. To store for later use, put smoked salt in a jar or wooden container. To serve, use a salt or pepper grinder.

Smoked salt is a perfect gift and makes for a perfect addition to salmon dishes, roasted vegetables or along the rim of a Bloody Mary!