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E-commerce Marketing & Strategy Manager

Job Title: E-commerce Marketing & Strategy Manager | Full Time

Passion for Fishing & Fly Fishing a plus!

Purpose of Position: As the E-commerce Marketing & Strategy Manager at Fishe®, you'll manage our marketing channels, resources, and strategy to help generate additional incremental revenue for the company. This role is for a leader who is revenue-minded and will be in charge of devising and implementing content strategy across multiple channels and email campaigns for e-commerce. The role strikes a balance between strategic planning and hands-on execution.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Developing realistic short and long-term goals that align with the company-wide objectives
  • Leading the in-house marketing team and managing any outsourced network of specialists. Maintaining responsibility for the team's ability to execute tasks, meet deadlines, and complete projects.
  • Identify opportunities and leverage trends that align with core business goals
  • Managing your marketing budgets efficiently and effectively. Deciding where to spend it and how to distribute the marketing spend across the relevant marketing channels.
  • Locating additional income-generating opportunities
  • Producing reports and analytics on campaign success and overall marketing performance
  • Leading communication efforts between the marketing team and the CEO
  • Oversee the day-to-day marketing activities and ensure that everyone is doing their job efficiently.
  • To routinely assess the growing company’s challenges, strengths, and goals to continuously develop the business' long-term strategies.

Skills, Abilities, and Experience
The ideal candidate possesses the following strengths and skills:

  • Strategic Thinking: Ability to create and align operational plans with long-term business objectives.
  • Team Leadership: Proven track record of leading in-house and remote teams to achieve organizational goals.
  • Budget Management: Strong financial acumen and experience in managing sizable marketing budgets.
  • Analytical Skills: Proficient in using various tools and platforms for marketing analytics and ROI measurement.
  • Business Development: Experience in identifying and capitalizing on new revenue streams.
  • Communication Skills: Exceptional ability to articulate strategies and performance metrics clearly to the C-suite.
  • Project Management: Strong organizational skills with the ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines effectively.
  • Marketing Expertise: Comprehensive knowledge of digital marketing channels, SEO, SEM, Social Media, and Content Marketing.
  • Adaptability: Ability to adapt to new tools and technologies quickly for operational efficiency.
  • Knowledge of online marketing channels
  • Familiarity with basic web design
  • Reliable means of transportation
  • Anchorage Based (this is not a remote position)
  • Must display flexibility and enthusiasm to take on tasks outside of designated role, a prerequisite for working for a small, fast growing business!

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Email List
    • List Growth
    • Open Rate
    • Click Through Rate
  • Revenue Attribution
    • Revenue generated through organic content marketing channels.
  • Campaign Performance Metrics: 
    • Click-through rates
    • Conversion rates
    • Customer acquisition costs
    • Customer lifetime value.