The story of Fishe® Wear begins with one woman’s passion for fly fishing. After a lifetime of fishing in ill-fitting clothing, Linda Leary founded Fishe® Wear with the goal of creating functional fishing fashion for women. She founded the company in 2015. 

Little known fact: Linda originally wanted to name the company “Lindy Line” after her inspiration, and father, Lindy. Lindy shared his passion for fly fishing with Linda when she was a small girl growing up in Maine.


It took Linda less than one year to file for a business license to manufacture and begin selling her first Fishe® Wear. Starting with an online model (and occasional back-of-the-car method), Linda quickly added a showroom/shop space in Anchorage, in addition to her online store. 


The company started the year by adding its first staff member, Chaney. Additionally, the Fishe team began gearing up for a Kickstarter campaign. In October 2016, Fishe® Wear ran a four-week Kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000. The goal was to raise funds to manufacture a merino wool collection and launch a new fish design, the Troutrageous Rainbow. The campaign was quickly funded and ended with more than $66,000!


Fishe® Wear made a splash by attending its first Fly Fishing Show in Denver, CO followed by ICAST/IFTD in Orlando, FL. With requests coming in from around the country, Fishe® began working with fly shops to carry Fishe® Wear. Now Fishe® can be found in multiple locations around the country, in addition to the online store and Anchorage-based showroom.


The year of the Orvis collaboration. Fishe® is excited to team up with Orvis in spring 2018 to offer an Orvis sling pack with Fishe's original Groovy Grayling pattern.