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5 Years of Fishe: Linda Leary and staff share some Fishe trivia for our 5 Year Anniversary

Question: Who came up with the idea for Fishe’s signature leggings, and how did it happen?
Answer: In 2015 Fishe Founder Linda Leary realized that she was tired of
wearing and using fishing gear that didn’t suit her style and personality, and she
decided to do something about it. She knew she wanted to create gear that
allowed her to express herself but was also totally functional. She started
bouncing ideas off of friends and family and eventually designed a pair of
leggings that were comfortable, stylish, and that she could wear both under
waders and out to lunch with friends. The leggings quickly became a hit and are
now what Fishe is best known for!

Question: Over the years, how many different patterns have you designed for the signature Fishe leggings?
Answer: In the last five years, Fishe has created 15 designs, including designs
based on nine different species of salt and freshwater fish. Three patterns have
been retired, as we continue to innovate and create new ideas. Our two newest
patterns are Dolly Vee (based on Dolly Varden) and Twisted Tarpon, a limited
edition pattern to commemorate our 5th Anniversary.

Question: What was the first pattern that Fishe ever produced, and what inspired it?
Answer: The first official Fishe design was called “Blue Fish,” after the Dr.
Seuss book One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. Fishe founder Linda was
inspired by Kate Spade’s geometric prints, and she worked with a graphic
designer friend to create a fun and chic fish-based pattern for Fishe’s first
leggings. Over time our style has evolved to the bold, colorful prints you see

Question: What is the craziest thing that has ever happened in the Fishe office?
Answer: The earthquake of 2018! On November 30, 2018 Linda came into the
store in the morning as usual and was getting started with her day. She was
there alone and enjoying the peace and quiet. All of a sudden at 8:29 am the
floor and the walls began to shake violently. The store displays toppled over and plaster dust showered down from the ceiling on top of everything. An earthquake registering 7.1 on the Richter scale had just hit South Central Alaska! Fortunately none of the Fishe staff were hurt and the shop did not sustain any permanent damage, but there sure was a lot to clean up!

Question: Does Fishe have any “traditions” that are specific to the company?
Answer: One of our time-honored traditions is a weekly “family meal” and
lunch meeting. The four of us gather together every Wednesday to discuss our
plans for the future and to feast on salad and French macarons from our favorite local spot, Sweet Caribou. At Fishe we take food seriously!


Question: If you had to give one word to sum up the collective personality of the Fishe staff, what would it be and why?
Answer: Motivated! We are a team that likes to set goals (both personal and
professional), and we achieve them! We also work hard to support each other so that each one of us can succeed.

Question: In the first 5 years of Fishe, what has been the most meaningful for you?
Answer: Fishe Founder Linda Leary writes: “Making people happy and
inspiring/empowering womxn. When a customer writes in that our designs
helped them to show their personality on the water (or in general), we are so
excited! Our main goal is to create this sense of confidence on the water. We
know that if you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good ANYTHING
is possible!”

Question: What is your hope for Fishe for the next 5 years?
Answer: We hope to be able to reach all womxn who fish, are thinking about
fishing, or are just getting outdoors in general. Fishe is about more than just
clothes, and we want our message of confidence and empowerment to reach
womxn worldwide!