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Cold Weather Fishing: Womens Fishing Apparel

Cold weather fishing can be intimidating, no one likes to be cold and uncomfortable. This post will give you Tips and Advice on how to dress and what to expect when fishing in cold climates so that you are comfortable and warm. I always try to remember the great advice from a friend: "There is no bad weather, only bad clothing!” Get out and enjoy!!

I will say again, I hate being cold. But I love to fish in Spring and Fall when the rainbows are big and beautiful.

On top:

1. Hooded jacket – an extra layer on top such as a Patagonia down hooded coat, this keeps your head and neck warm from the wind and rain.

2. Use neckwear and wear a heavier knit wool cap.

3. Some of my friends also like to add battery operated heated coats, or vest, also socks or gloves. They can make your outing a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. We fished in January this year, the start of my News Years resolution: to fish every month this year.

On Bottom:

It only takes one day of fly fishing without enough layers to realize how critical it is to dress for the warmth. When I fish in water temperature below 45F and/or air temperatures below 35F I layer my clothes as follows:

  1. Start with a thin base layers that wicks away moisture. My personal choice for on top is a Smartwool Midweight Crew and then of course, on the bottom I wear my Fishe Wear Leggings. If it’s really cold, I add another layer and wear insulated pants over the leggings.
  2. Add midweight merino wool ski socks.
  3. Then my favorite boots are the Simms G4 Boot.

This allows me remove a layer if I get too warm, or add a layer if I’m not warm enough. It’s the versatility of layers.