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On Top: Apparel for Summer Fishing in Alaska

Summer fishing in Alaska can range from 35 degrees to 75 degrees, and the weather can change quickly. I am always cold, so for even summer days I like to wear 4-5 layers under a nice jacket like a Simms Fishing Jacket or Patagonia’s River Salt Jacket.

The key to being comfortable fishing is to pick a jacket that fits and allows room to move. A good jacket also has waterproof zippered pockets to keep your phone and other  items dry. I also like to have a good hood to keep the wind off and my head dry! Check out the Simms half-finger gloves too!

1. I like to wear wool next to my skin to stay warm – preferably smart wool, mid-layer, ¾ zip up sweater is perfect. I like that style because it keeps your neck warm and if you get hot you can unzip it and be comfortable.

2. I will next layer a windproof jacket such as a sugio bike one I have that keeps your core warm.

3. Usually I will wear my favorite Patagonia down vest over this layer to add extra warmth to my core.

4. Over that, I wear a Patagonia or Klim polartec or down hooded jacket. This keeps my head and neck warm and gives me an extra layer for those cold and windy days on the water.

5. I like to top it all off with a fun, colorful neck gaiter. 

6. In your pockets have Chemical hand warmers “Hot Hands."