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Featured Ambassador: Amanda Tingstad

With the Instagram handle @alaskan_woman, you’d expect Fishe ambassador, Amanda Tingstad to have some pretty crazy Alaska stories… turns out she sure does! From close encounters with Grizzly Bears, to harvesting wild salmon and edible plants, we can’t think of a better gal to represent Fishe in the 49th state! 


Tell us your fishing story! How did you first get hooked (pun intended ;) on this sport that we all know and love?

I started at a young age when my dad would take my two brothers and myself fishing to some local Utah fishing spots. I’ve always loved to be outside hiking, fishing, camping you name it. I came up to Alaska in 2010 for a seasonal job working for Holland America Princess Cruises at one of their lodges. That’s when I got a real taste of the wild and the great outdoors. My backyard was filled with so many opportunities to enjoy being outside. I continued to work every summer and I just fell in love with Alaska and the outdoors more and more. Fishing in Alaska is truly unmatched during the summer. The salmon come up to spawn and they come up in masses. It really is hard NOT to catch a fish. That excitement was like a drug, and I truly couldn't get enough. 


What sticks in your mind as your single most memorable fishing experience? 

One of my most memorable experiences was having my family up here in Alaska and watching every single one of them catch fish. The Piece De Resistance was watching my 83 year old grandmother catch her very first Silver Salmon! The excitement I had watching her was like no other. That day we caught over 20 Silver Coho Salmon. 

Why Fishe?

I found Fishe through Instagram when Fishe first got started. Fishe then had a photoshoot in Anchorage that I wanted to be a part of, because I loved their product. I had my Groovy Grayling Back Pack and all the Troutrageous gear. I then met Linda and loved her and her team. I knew I had to be apart somehow. I truly have been so inspired in many ways working with Fishe. I’m amazed at how fast the company is growing and how tight knit everyone is. I have met so many amazing women who share the same passions and goals as me, and I’m forever thankful to them.


Please tell us about your dog! All of us Fishe girls admire him from afar <3 

My dog Hank is my baby for sure. He is my fearless pup who loves to go on adventures and fish. He’s an English Lab and a perfect non duck hunting dog. He’s 100 percent a fish dog. He’s brought so much joy to our life.

Other than fishing, what are your top three ways to spend your free time?

  1. Photography. I’m always on the hunt for wildlife.
  2. I love singing while my husband plays the guitar. We make a pretty good team.
  3. Being in Alaska, I really enjoy finding ways to live off the land. I love foraging and learning about all the edible plants and flowers. Fiddlehead Fern season is coming up and I can’t wait to cook them up and eat them. I saute them with butter and garlic and mwuah chefs kiss. Tasty tasty. 


Have you lived anywhere other than Alaska? If so, what is it that made you decide on Alaska being your home? 

I have lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. Alaska became my full time home because I fell in love with my Alaskan Dream Mountain man. I wouldn't have it any other way. He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.


My craziest Alaska story is…When my husband and I won the road lottery to drive all the way into Denali National Park. We had a huge Grizzly Bear come and rub up against our truck. We also followed a wolf down the road. It was crazy. Here's the grizzly bear shot - 

Where can we find you? 

@alaskan_woman on Instagram