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Fishe Artist Feature: Gigi Droop

If you’ve been keeping up with Fishe Wear, you may have noticed we have a new artist in our midst! We recently launched ourFeatured Artist Halibut Sticker. The design on this sticker was the brainchild of Gigi Droop, an up and coming artist based here in Anchorage, Alaska. Gigi could not have had more perfect timing for her Halibut masterpiece… It just so happened that when Gigi came to us with her sticker design we were just about to release our latest line ofHalibut products which launched in the beginning of April. While Gigi's design offers a different color way than our Haliborealis print, we think that both prints do an incredible job of celebrating this iconic Alaskan fish. 

Gigi Droop, a high school senior in Anchorage, Alaska, has been interested in art from a young age. She started out with acrylic paint, then quickly expanded into alternative mediums including watercolor, oil pastel, colored pencil, mixed medium, and of course; digital, like the sticker she designed for Fishe Wear. She is grateful for the artistic advice and inspiration from her mentors Megan Henry and Rachel Wall, two Alaskan based artists. The beauty of her home state is also a big inspiration for Gigi. Drawing on the hues of the dark yet divine winter months in Alaska, her art often features deep blues and purples. Gigi also praises the immense beauty and diversity of plants and animals in her home state and often incorporates iconic Alaskan species into her work.

As for what’s next, the world is Gigi’s oyster (or can we say… halibut?). She was accepted into the prestigious Chicago Institute of Arts which is the second ranked art school in the country. After getting a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, Gigi intends to seek out some sort of career where she can utilize her artistic talents. Gigi’s friends at Fishe Wear wish her the best of luck on whatever adventure she embarks on upon graduation and ask that she brings the wild spirit of Alaska wherever she goes!