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Featured Ambassador: Ryan Scavo



 How did you first get into outdoor recreation? Into fishing?

I’m of the generation that was told to come inside when the streetlights came on…so being outdoors has been a part of my life from my earliest memories. And while the day to day was full of exploring outdoor spaces - from our backyard to the local parks and hidden bike trails in town green spaces - the “real” recreation (camping, fishing, hiking, etc.) came from family outings during the weekends and on family vacations. That’s when fishing made its way into my life…crabbing on the shore, throwing worms at the town pond, and finally, once I started dating a boy that loved to fish as much as me, that was it: the addiction set in :)


What is your most memorable fishing experience?

This is a tough one because I definitely have a few…the time we pulled a bass and trout out of the same hole on the Lacakwaxen in PA, another time when I hooked into a sunfish on the family lake and it was promptly gobbled by a pike (and cut my line), and then another time when Ialmostlanded a massive tarpon in St. Croix on a work trip that happened to have tiem set aside for evening fishing sessions. But of all the memories, I’d have to choose the time my husband and I finally had our redemption run for Redfish in Texas. Leading up to it is a whole story in itself, but after getting skunked our first time and a 2 year hiatus (due to covid), we finally landed redfishtogether on a beautiful, breezy day on the laguna madre days before Hurricane Nicholas hit. It was magical! 


How did you find Fishe? What have you learned along your journey of working with us? 

Good question…I think I have social media to thank for introducing me to Fishe. In the last 5-7 years, awareness and exposure of women fly fishers has grown so much…it makes me smile, just thinking about it! But the first time I saw a Fishe post, I immediately had to reach out and ask if there was any opportunity to collaborate with the team or get involved in engaging more women on the water. First came some photo collab stuff, then ambassador opportunities, then meeting up with the team at the old shop in Anchorage and the Fly Fishing Show in Denver…the rest is history. I think my biggest lesson learned about this experience has been that I’m not alone in my passion; I’m not an anomaly. There REALLY ARE other women out there that love fly fishing as much as me and we can connect and support each other in so many ways on and off the water. It’s been an incredible experience.


Other than fishing, what are your top three ways to spend your free time?

Mountain biking, skiing and spending time with my two kiddos, three cattle dogs and sweet husband :)


What advice would you give to other mothers balancing fishing and motherhood? 

Gosh, this one isn’t easy. I’m sure there are a billion books, articles, and quotes about achieving this balance. But what I’ve learned (and am still learning) along my journey is some days are more challenging and other days are more inspiring, but no matter how easy or hard the balance is, I am continually empowered by my own desire to experience the outdoors in new and familiar ways and seeing the successes and lessons learned of other women/moms in our fly fishing community. There’s no “winning” or “losing” for me. I have learned and now encourage other women/mothers/families to simply “lean in”. So, that’s my advice. Just lean in. Make time for solo time on the water by leaning into the support of your partner/family/community. Other days, take the whole crew along for the experience and lean into the whirlwind littles might bring to the day!


Where can we find you? 

@ RyOutside and @ Big_River_Collective