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Introducing HaliBorealis!

HaliBorealis Sticker Background

HaliBorealis is here! For Fishe’s newest pattern our inspiration comes from the place we call home: Alaska.  Artist Irene Meniconi’s design features Halibut, a fish that Alaskans covet both for sport and sustenance + Aurora Borealis, the lights that fill the Alaskan night sky with color when the days turn cold.  With HaliBorealis we celebrate fish that feed our local communities and test the meddle of anglers who come from near and far.  We celebrate our friends and neighbors who ply deep waters in the hopes of catching a “barn door” (a giant halibut!).  We celebrate a land that continues to fill us with wonder, where you might leave work in the evening and look up to see green, blue, and purple pulsating across the heavens.  HaliBorealis captures the spirit of the place we love, and we can’t wait to share it with you.  Check out HaliBorealis collection HERE.