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Fishe on TODAY Show!

Last week, the Fishe team and our friend, Heather Hodson, headed east, to New Jersey, for The Fly Fishing Show. After three days of making new friends and talking fishing, we made a pitstop in New York City before heading home Afterall, Linda hadn't been to the city before (because all her trips usually involve fishing)! 

The Fishe trio - Linda, Heather and Val - made the most of the trip by snapping pics of Fishe leggings around the Big Apple. The cherry on top of the NYC excursion was our 15 seconds of fame on the TODAY Show! Afterall, freezing weather and an early wakeup call sounds a lot like getting ready for fishing, which is exactly what getting on the TODAY Show called for. 

In case you missed it, we had friends send in recordings for us! Watch below to see how Fishe greets America in the morning!