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Abstract Char

Bohemian Brown Trout

Cosmo Coho

Dolly Vee

Floral Fish

Fly Pheasant

Groovy Grayling

Kaleido King

Radical Red Fish

Totally Tarpon

Troutrageous Rainbow

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Fish Alaska Magazine

Editors' Choice Awards for 2018

Layering Category

Fishe Merino Wool Fish Alaska Editors' Choice  Fishe Hoodie Dress Fish Alaska Editors' Choice

We are thrilled to be featured in the 2018 Fish Alaska Gear Guide and to receive not one, but two Editors' Choice Awards for our products! You can find three FisheWear products highlighted in the New Gear for 2018 category, too! 

Fish Alaska Magazine Gear Guide 2018

From Fish Alaska Magazine"Everyone loves new gear, and 2018 has a lot to offer on the equipment front, with dozens of new products simply too awesome to pass up."

Fishe Allagash Skirt Fishe Sling Pack Orvis Fishe Backpack Groovy Grayling Dry Bag

1. Allagash Softshell Skirt
" easy choice from river fun to getting things done.

2. Orvis +
Fishe Sling Pack
"A slightly larger size accommodates more fly boxes..."

3. Groovy Grayling Dry Bag Backpack (back in stock this April!)
"...Built to last."