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Holiday Gift Guide

Fishe Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us, and we know that this can be a stressful time of the year. If you’re struggling with gift ideas for a woman who loves rivers, oceans, and the great outdoors, do not fear! Let us help you find something amazing! Below are collections to suit womxn of all stripes and gift-givers of all budgets.

1) For the Beginning Angler:

When you first start fishing. you’re working on the basics, and you don’t 
 need gear that is overly complicated. some nippers and forceps,
a box to hold your flies, and  sun protection — these are some of 
the essential tools of an angler’s trade.

2) For the Traveling Womxn:

Some of us are always on the move. Whether it’s road-tripping to the
next secret fishing spot; coast-hopping for work meetings; or braving
jeeps, pangas, and helicopters on a once-in-a-lifetime fishing trip, Fishe
has you covered.


3) For the Womxn who likes to Fish Hard and Play Hard:

Here’s to the intrepid womxn who are up at four AM to be the first on
the water and the last to leave in the evening. If your special someone
likes to put in long days with a fishing rod followed by long nights with
friends around the campfire, these gift ideas are for you.

4) For the Style Maven:

These gifts are for our fearless friends who take fashion to the next
level, whether they’re climbing crazy mountains, wading big rivers, or
taking the dog for an evening stroll.

5) For the Womxn who needs Serious Gear:

Here in Alaska we embrace everything that mother nature has to throw
at us. Pelting snow? Torrential rain? No problem! For womxn who
spend long days in the elements, it’s essential to have gear that is
durable, comfortable, and well-made. Thanks to our friends at Orvis
and Korkers, that gear is here.

7) For the Ultimate Fishe Fan:

For the womxn who’s followed us from the beginning and who may or
may not have multiple pairs of Fishe leggings in her closet, these items
are some of the newest and coolest we have to offer.

8) Stocking Stuffers!

Unpacking the stockings are arguably the most fun! You really never know what all will be found! Shop all of our *tiny* treasures to fill those stockings this year.