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Introducing: Salty Striper

On an ocean far far away, a fisherwoman hunts the blue abyss. Her angler's intuition tells her that it’s somewhere down there - a silvery, streamlined, Salty Striper: the revered striped bass. A sport fisherman’s dream, this species is dear to fisherfolk up and down the Eastern Seaboard. From the surly seas of Maine down to the tranquil flats of Florida, stripers capture our imagination as an awe inspiring fish to fight. 

Fishe is thrilled to welcome the Salty Striper collection, our latest gift from the sea. We have many reasons to cherish this fish. Its voracious fight makes it a memorable species to fish for. Its sleek silhouette and telltale 7 stripes makes it an easy inspiration to turn into art to adorn clothing and gear! 

This design was born by the imaginations of multiple women; artistIrene Meniconi drew up the art, and fisherwomanNicole Fel Dotto thought up the name. The finished work evokes visions of purple sunrises, wild sea foam, and a fish that makes us say “just one more cast…!” Regardless of if you’ve encountered striped bass on your fishing adventures, we hope this design brings fond memories and spurs big plans for your next foray to fish at sea! 

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