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An Ode To Our Why: Fishing as Self Care for Women

Every company has to have a “why.” A mission that keeps us coming to work day after day. Here at Fishe Wear, we believe that fishing can be a powerful positive force in women’s lives. We see it as an excellent avenue for women to practice self care; a chance to live in the moment, build meaningful relationships, and benefit from the healing powers of nature. Hence, our mission; to provide fun and functional clothing so women can feel their best whilst out on the water. 

Nowadays in 2023, women have more on their plates than ever before. With historically high rates of women's participation in the workforce, many women face the stressors of their personal life and a professional career. With all that noise, women need a break… A flow state where they can forget about yesterday, stop worrying about tomorrow, and focus on the here and now. 

For the female team here at Fishe, we’re big proponents of using fishing - particularly fishing on the fly, as a form of self care. It gives us the chance to replenish our energy reserves so we can put our best foot forward; as employees, mothers, athletes, community members, and the many other roles that make up our identities as women in today's world. Our team came up with a list of what fishing brings us, and what we hope it brings to you too! 

1.) Flow State. 

There is something nearly meditative about casting. Tuned in with the intricate physics of your fly rod and line, the tool nearly feels as if it is an extension of self. With the single focus of unfurling your line to an exact pocket of the river, complete presence is necessary. In a world where we are exceedingly tuned in, sped up, and disconnected, having an opportunity to peacefully focus on the task at hand is more important than ever. 


2.) Relationship Building. 

For me personally, I’ve found that it isn’t always the actual fish I catch to be the highlight of a fishing experience as a whole. While the adrenaline rush of a fish on my line is a high, don't get me wrong, I’ve found that my most cherished memories on the river are of the good times I’ve had with fishing friends I’ve made along the way. A true statement for anyone I go fishing with, this rings especially true for female fishing partners. A sisterhood derived in an environment where women are often outnumbered, feels extra special.

Next time you’re planning a fishing outing, consider bringing a girlfriend along. For women who didn’t grow up fishing, it can be an intimidating activity to get into. Fishing is an excellent way to make new friendships, or to deepen existing ones. Afterall, what’s a story about a legendary catch, without a pal to back it up… 


3.) Time Outdoors. 

It is an inarguable fact that spending time outdoors has a positive impact on human well being. Just picture it: the serene sounds of the running water, sights of the river, the feeling of sun on your skin. Sounds appetizing, right? A connection to nature is in the fabric of what it means to be human and the positive impacts are limitless: improved mood, reduced stress, improved physical health. Large or small, close to home or far away, outdoor adventures can be fit in no matter the circumstances. 

- - - 

So why are we here, dear Fishe fan? For you! To support YOU. To give you the functional and fashionable tools you need to fall right into your flow state, spend quality time with fishing friends, and spend time outdoors. As this fishing season rolls around, consider the self-care benefits of fishing. Whether or not you bring home fish for the freezer, we’ll bet the energy gained from a day on the water will provide sustenance regardless!