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Introducing: Unbound Brown

To love fishing for brown trout is to love stripping a mouse fly at night, waiting for a sudden splash and the adrenaline rush of a big, nocturnal predator shaking the line.  To love fishing for brown trout is to love sneaking a hopper along undercut banks in the late summer, watching with almost unbearable anticipation for a fish to strike.  To love fishing for brown trout is to love seeing a flash of gold underneath the water and the brilliant hues of a fish the color of sunlight.

Those who spend their time in search of browns may find themselves close to home or crossing the planet from Tierra del Fuego, to Iceland, to New Zealand, to Spain.  Wherever they cast their line, they share the feeling of freedom that comes with standing in an ice cold river with no clock to watch and no phone to answer.  And they share a deep respect for this keen, voracious, independent-spirited salmonid that always keeps us wanting one more cast.

Here at Fishe, we are thrilled to introduce our newest pattern, in honor of lovers of the Unbound Brown Trout.  Designed from a spectacular painting by Irene Meniconi, Unbound Brown Trout captures the brown’s vibrant colors in all of their intensity and evokes images of sunrise over hills, mountains, and flowing water.  Wherever your fishing takes you, we hope that this pattern transports you to the memory of holding a shining brown in hand and allowing yourself to get lost, if only for a minute, in something beautiful.

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