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Featured Ambassador: Katie Dowe


Avid fly fisherwoman, Katie Dowe (@_misskatiedee_) is the sole Canadian recruit on the Fishe Wear ambassador team. Katie is constantly sending in envy-sparking fish photos of massive steelhead, salmon, and trout all while wet-wading in Fishe leggings and a tank top. It's got us Alaskans thinking that maybe fishing and freezing don't necessarily have to go hand in hand after all... With that, we must say that Katie's fishing prowess and hunger to get after it on the river sure is inspiring to us Fishe gals! We'll let Katie take it away from here. 

How did you first get into outdoor recreation? Into fishing? 

“I went through a really bad relationship/breakup. After doing a year of therapy my best friend took me out on her boat fishing for salmon (which I wanted to do for years but controlling partner) so finally I went and caught my first salmon…. Literally hooked since then.”

My craziest fishing story entailed… 

“Probably my first steelhead! It kept diving under these rocks and the tippet was rubbing and we thought it was going to snap off! Finally my friend tries to land it and he almost falls in! Very narrow river bank! Finally I land this beautiful buck…best fly fishing moment.”




What is your favorite part working with Fishe through the ambassador program? 

“Getting to follow all my fellow anglers! Bonding over something we all have a huge passion for. I enjoy making content as well for a company that supports who I am.”

Something you may not know about me…

“I’ve lived on both coasts of Canada.”

Other than fishing, how do you like to spend your free time?

  1. With my family
  2. With my dogs 
  3. Being creative 

Fly fishing has brought me… 

“Peace… it showed me that no matter what, just keep trying!”

What about the greater fly fishing community do you hope stays the same and what do you hope changes? 

“I hope for where I live that better fishing regulations come into play and more enforcement on certain systems.”

Follow Katie on Instagram! @_misskatiedee_