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Introducing: Steel My Heart

Here’s to chilly mornings on Pacific Northwest rivers, when fog hovers over the water and the only sound is the sweep of the line as it sets up that long Spey cast.  Here’s to big grabs on the swing and hard-earned dry fly eats.  Here’s to chrome, sea-run fish.  We know all you steelhead addicts are out there, and we know you’ve been waiting….

Based on art from the incredible Irene Meniconi, our newest Fishe pattern takes inspiration from the lush, green banks of fabled Oregon rivers; from their deep, turquoise waters; and from the strength and grit of the intrepid anglers who spend long days pursuing this “fish of a thousand casts.”  We also draw inspiration from memories of the friendships we’ve formed in steelhead country, walking the banks together, searching for “heart rocks” that symbolize these bonds.  Steelhead inspire love because of the incredible journey that they make from sea to streambed, because they fight with everything they have, and because of the way they bring us together for some of our best days on the water.  It is with this profound love that we introduce our latest addition to the Fishe line: Steel My Heart.

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By: Erica Hickey