No matter how many of the latest lures you have or how advanced your gear is, if you can’t see what you are doing you aren’t going to have a good day of fishing. Simply put, wearing a pair of sunglasses will make your day safer and more present. Instead of having to squint all day and damaging your eyes with harmful UV rays, good sunglasses will keep you shaded and protected. They also serve as a shield against the flying hooks that ruin a day and can cause permanent damage; a pair of glasses is a lot cheaper than a trip to the ER.  A good pair of polarized sunglasses can also mean the difference between a fantastic day and getting skunked. You won’t believe it until you personally experience how much better you can see into the water with polarized glasses. They are the next best thing to actually sticking your head in the water and looking around. They cost a little bit more than regular sunglasses, but they are worth every penny. Whether for protection or the edge they give you seeing in the water, a good pair of polarized sunglasses should be an essential part of your fishing gear. Don’t just take my word for it though, universally across the fishing world almost every professional angler sports a pair of shades every time they go out. If all the pros use them, shouldn’t you consider at least giving them a try? When compared to the hundreds and hundreds spent on tackle, the small investment in a good pair of fishing sunglasses is well worth it.