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Pacific Salmon Flies: New Ties & Old Standbys

Pudge's fourth book, Pacific Salmon Flies: New Ties & Old Standbys, 2012 Frank Amato Publications, reveals flies of her own design, as well as some salmon fishing classics. The book includes both fly tying and fly fishing techniques for each of the flies, and a chart matching the patterns with each of the five species of Pacific Salmon.


"Pudge's fourth book title,  "Pacific Salmon Flies: New Ties & Old Standbys", gets right to the heart of Alaska angler's needs. The book begins with some outstanding information on the biology and behavioral patterns of our game fish, information gleaned from both research and decades of observation in the field. Then we get to the patterns themselves, organized neatly by salmon species so tiers can build their boxes to suit. …it's another success from Kleinkauf, bound together by the exquisite photography of Michael DeYoung and tailored particularly to the needs of both beginning and experienced Alaska anglers and tiers" - Trout Letherman, Editor, Fish Alaska Magazine, April, 2014