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Focus, Patience, & Reward: Linda Leary on The When Women Fly Podcast


This week Linda Leary, Fishe founder, was featured on the When Women Fly Podcast. According to their website, "When Women Fly is a celebration of the journey to flight with an ultimate goal of building a unique community of women who reach amazing heights in the literal and metaphorical sense. In these weekly recorded conversations, Sylvia explores the roots of passion, the quest for prominence, and the challenges of excelling often in the face of uncertainties, glass ceilings and other limitations."

Podcast Summary:

"Meet Linda Leary. Entrepreneur. Outdoorswoman. Angler.

She learned to fly fish as a child in Maine with her father, an avid fly fisherman. But, Linda noticed she was always having to wear baggy men’s fishing clothing that didn’t make her feel comfortable or confident.

This is when her idea of FisheWear was born, a women’s fly fishing apparel company that makes functional, unique clothing that female fishers can feel confident and comfortable in. FisheWear makes clothing and accessories including leggings, belts, hats, and more, that have been designed through collaboration with artists. Since its inception in 2015, FisheWear has gone on to collaborate with companies like Orvis, XTRATUF, and more.

In this episode, Sylvia and Linda talk about the beginnings of FisheWear, comparisons between fly fishing and flying, how fly fishing can be transformative, the importance of networks when starting a company, and inclusion in the fly fishing industry.


  • Linda’s history with fly fishing

  • Getting out of your comfort zone and learning something new

  • The importance of letting go of perfection while still exercising precision

  • Experience of Alaskan lodges and fishing expeditions

  • Future vision of FisheWear

  • How nature is crucial for energy and inspiration

  • Advice for entrepreneurs

  • Starting a new career later in life

  • Special places in Alaska

  • The transformative nature of focus and patience