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Featured Ambassador: Morgan Pierce

We all know that in the school of fly fishing, patience may just be the toughest teacher. Now how about adding in three small children ages two, four, and six into the fly fishing mix… With those circumstances, “patience” could be Fishe Ambassador, Morgan Pierce’s middle name. Growing up in the wild west, Morgan gleaned inspiration from the landscape around her, teaching herself a whole host of backcountry recreation pursuits; fly fishing, backpacking, and climbing to name a few. Nowadays, you are most likely to find Morgan way out where the roads of patience and adventure converge, gracefully navigating the job of being both a mother and guide to her little ones in the “office” that is the outdoor world. 

How did you first get into outdoor recreation? Into fishing? 

I spent summers with my grandparents on their farm in Utah. My Grandpa saw a feral streak in me and took pity on me. He taught me how to ride a horse, taught me to fish and took me camping. He let me help him in the barn and out in the fields. He helped kindle a love of wild places and working hard outdoors within me. From there I rented every book from the library I could find and taught myself to fly fish, backpack, climb, canoe…Any means of getting into the backcountry. But fly fishing became a huge passion 15 years ago. I love it and am now teaching my own kids. It’s a very beautiful full circle moment. 

What is your most memorable fishing experience? 

So hard to choose, but I think that would be the first fish I caught on a fly I tied myself. It was a yellowstone cutthroat on the firehole river on a Lady Heather. A fellow lady angler taught me how to tie this pattern at a fly tying convention a day before. We were two of the only women there. She taught me this beautiful pattern, and I went out to fish it the next day. It was a beautiful moment of sisterhood that meant a lot to me!

What advice would you give to other mothers balancing fishing and motherhood? 

You can never have enough patience, or enough snacks. But if you run out of one (or both), that’s okay. You’re human, and it's okay for your kids to see that. No one is perfect, but we’re all trying our absolute best, and that's a wonderful lesson all kids need to learn. 

How did you find Fishe? What have you learned along your journey of working with us? 

I was in a fly shop and saw THE most gorgeous hip pack ever and instantly coveted it. My partner surprised me with it for Christmas that year and my love affair with Fishe began. Love this company and all the rad ladies behind it. 

Other than fishing, what are your top three ways to spend your free time?

If i’m not fishing my free time is spent tying flies, foraging, running/xc skiing or creating something with my hands. I love knitting, cooking and baking. Really anything that will produce a hand made item for someone I love. 

Where can we find you?