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Meet the Team: Gloria Evoy


Gloria Evoy’s career has been defined by a knack for fashion and dogeared by movement Northward. Starting out in California, Gloria has progressively moved up the west coast; to Oregon, to Washington, and finally to Alaska. As she moved up the coast, she shouldered her way upwards in the fashion industry as well, managing a retail store, checking off her B.A. in Merchandising Management, wowing clients as a personal shopper, and finally taking on the responsibility of coordinating our FUNctional fishing fashion right here at Fishe! Luckily for us, her options to continue her trajectory north are pretty limited so she's stuck here with us ;) 

How did you find your way to Fishe? What drew you to working here originally? 

I found my way to Fishe because I was looking for a clothing company that I could work for here in Anchorage. However, what specifically attracted me to Fishe was that it is a company run by women with the mission of helping other women express themselves, as well as feel more confident when they are out fishing or enjoying any other lifestyle activities. 

My favorite thing about living in Alaska is… 

It is SO freaking BEAUTIFUL. When my husband and I came up here to do a quick visit before moving, we fell in love with the indescribable beauty of Alaska. And over the past year, my love has grown even more through all of the cool hikes and backpacking trips I have done. Also, everytime I see a moose, it makes my day!!! It’s one of the coolest things ever.

Five years ago, where would you have envisioned yourself? 

I would have envisioned myself living in a big city working for a high fashion clothing company. However, I am so happy with how things turned out and have loved every minute of living in Alaska with my husband and our two pups, it’s been such an adventure. And working at Fishe has been the perfect opportunity to continue working within the clothing industry while living in Alaska. 

What is your favorite part of your job at Fishe Wear? 

How much I have been able to learn and how involved each part of the team is in every process that happens here at Fishe. I love being able to give my input for product development and watch it come to life. 

Something you may not know about me…

I just ran my first half marathon a couple of weeks ago! It was awesome and I am now training to run a full! 

When you’re not at Fishe, how do you like to spend your free time?

In my free time, you can find me hiking, backpacking, running or spending time with my family and friends. Until all of this rain started, I was out every weekend either backpacking or camping - it was awesome! When winter hits, you can find me outside cross country skiing or reading a good book cuddled up with my pups next to our fireplace. 

What do you hope changes about Fishe in the future and what do you hope stays the same? 

I look forward to implementing more sustainable practices into our company. We recently switched over to compostable poly mailers and asked that all of our leggings be sent tied with twill instead of each legging individually packaged in plastic. Even if it’s just small changes, I love learning how we can fit these into our growing company.