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Red White Blue Fish

Cosmo Coho

Dolly Vee

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Radical Red Fish

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Troutrageous Rainbow

Beauty and the Bonefish


Fishe Spice

Handmade in Alaska, meet our Fishe Spices

Jumpin Java

This signature coffee rub has been perfected over years of hand mixing and taste testing by our Fishe founders husband, Mike.

The sweet coffee and paprika flavors balance perfectly with the mouthwatering smokey and citrus hints. The key to this spice: simplicity. Toss your favorite meat, seafood, or veggie in olive oil and a generous amount of Jumpin Java Fishe Spice, and grill to your liking. You will love the taste of this handcrafted, Alaskan made, mouthwatering, Fishe Spice!


Java Asada

Same basics of Jumpin Java flavors, but with a kick! 


Blackened Rub

A Smokey and citrusy robust seafood seasoning with just the right amount of lemon zest and pepper.  Not too spicy and salty like most blackened seasonings out there. Very subtle spice rub. Fantastic on salmon, halibut, shrimp, and any fish tacos.