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    12 days of christmas

    Each day, Fishe Wear will be featuring a new deal to celebrate this Holiday Season.The 12th day of our Christmas promotion, will be December 18th. Don't want to miss out on the Daily Deal? Subscribe to our newsletter!  Day 8 - December 14th FREE GIFT of HEATHER'S CHOICE BLACK ESPRESSO or  BLUEB... View Post
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    Tight Loops & Hula Hoops Fly Casting Course!

    TAKU LAKE PARK On Wednesday evening, Women’s Flyfishing™ Alaska and Fishe® Wear teamed up to set up a casting course open to the Anchorage public at Taku Lake Park. The course was set up with 9 golf-style holes that simulated obstacles that you would encounter while fly fishing in either lakes, s... View Post
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    Yoga & Fly Casting

    Come enjoy this FREE event! August 14th we will be at Walden Lake Park enjoying some sun, Yoga & Fly Casting! Fly casting instruction, followed by a yoga flow that helps strengthen the muscles used while Fly Fishing to help level up your casting game! Beginners are welcome!! View Post


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